Sochi, So Chic?


Social Media sites such as Twitter, Facebook or even Youtube have the power to make futile things look very big. They are the reason why links to #SochiProblems skyrocketed and caused controversy and outrage amongst many people. Anybody could react to Sochi’s problems, and this includes many trolls.

As a journalist, it is extremely important to retrieve information from the net such as pictures and quotes, but it is also important to file through the sources before publishing them. This is where applications such as Storify intervene.

With Storify, journalists can easily recover sources that they can trust, avoiding the offensive and pointless ones, and order them as they please within a nice, neat storyline. They create a web page that is enjoyable for the viewers to read through while still giving out information.

For the Sochi Problems story, Storify provides the viewers with various pictures, quotes (Tweets most of the time) and videos that help them have an idea on what is going on in the real world, and what is trending in the virtual world of social media. It allows them to grasp information from various sources whether than focusing on one. In some way, Storify provides a larger coverage of the news story.

Furthermore, as I created this story, I realized that people I take tweets or posts from are notified of it. My story can thus reach these people that might retweet or repost it on another website, and can be projected in the social media word as I am writing these words. Storify is not only a useful tool to type in news on a page, but a way to obtain a huge viewership.


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