Basic Photoshop


This picture was really underexposed, so I raised overall exposure, and lassoed the bottom part of the picture to enlighten it a little to keep the balance. I also used the “Selective color” tool to brighten up the image with more exciting colors while taking some black away from the picture all the while raising Vibrance. I also reduced overall noise in all of the pictures I post here.

Stairs final

First I had to rotate the image vertically. Then I cropped most of it because of metal bars that were in the way. I wasn’t sure if I could keep the two vertical blurry bars or not, so I decided to crop them out, zoom in and try to do my best to raise the overall quality of the image by raising contrast and reducing the noise. I also raised the exposition and brightness to compensate with the high contrast. I played with individual colors a bit to liven up the picture as well, without getting too funky either.


This picture was way too pink, so I used the “selective color” tool to add black in most of the colors, especially Magenta. Adding black naturally added a natural contrast to the picture defining the band members better, so I didn’t have to play with contrast too much, but I did have to raise exposure a little. Even though the image was already very colorful, I raised vibrance a little while decreasing saturation to make the most defining features stand out. I could go on…

Small People

It took me a while to realize that this was a fake small town. When I did realize however, I did my best to crop out every detail that could show that the picture is taken from behind a glass (reflections and borders). I tried my best to keep the important parts in the center of the picture while straightening it using the “straighten” tool while cropping. I used the vertical lines on the buildings to straighten as much as I could. I also played with colors a bit to liven up the little town.

Pigeon Squirrel copy

Now I wasn’t sure what stitching two pics together meant, but I just followed the rules of “putting the squirrel with the pigeon”. So I cropped the pigeon picture leaving enough room for the squirrel, then I dragged the pic with the squirrel onto the pigeon picture. I used the erase tool to erase as much as I could around the squirrel (I did my best). Then I straightened the image a bit to avoid having a flying squirrel scare the pigeon away. I tried using the “Spot healing brush tool” and “color selection” tool to make the squirrel look as real as possible, even though I still find it somehow strange…


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