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My name is Sacha Kazan or Sacha Kazan-Leonard, depending on what you prefer. I was born in France, near Paris, on the 27th of November in 1995. I am French and American, but I define myself, just like my grandfather did, as “a citizen of the planet”. I mean come on, we all live on the same floating rock.

After discovering a passion for writing while reading most of R.L Stine’s “Goosebumps”, I decided to go on a quest to find out what I wanted to do with my life. I’m still working on it, but at least I know it revolves around something media-related… Most jobs seem like they are so I’m definitely not at the end of my search.

I love animals. Although this blog is called the Nosy Frog, I do not play favorites. It’s impossible for me to chose one! I mean the seal is so cute even though nature hasn’t given it many advantages, and the frog can be so colourful and yet so dangerous and cool! And the good old dogs that we humans obviously do not deserve are wonderful, adorable beings! And what about the good old panda? It can seem harmless when eating its bamboo leaves, but it’s still can maw you big time…BUT IT’S SO FLUFFY!

…*Ahem* So I figured writing about them could be an amazing thing. The question was: where would I go to study this type of writing?

Thankfully, I have pretty insightful parents. Thanks to them, I’m having the best time of my life (so far) in Montreal. I was doing something others could consider as work, but that I loved.

I specialized in Multiplatform Journalism at Concordia University.

During my years at Concordia, I realized in my very last semester during a Documentary course that I wanted to produce reportages. I want to let people tell their stories. I want them to be able to communicate with a wider audience in my documentaries and show that every person can be interesting.

However, having specialized in Multiplatform Journalism, I still enjoy writing articles, doing radio broadcasts, filming TV packages and working on Digital media. I will stay open to whatever I find. Perhaps, like many others, I’ll find my dream job by randomly searching for opportunities.

This blog is of course non-professional. It’s a light-hearted first attempt at blogging, and is based from an assignment from my Digital Tools class. I simply made it into something a little more fun and personal by adding a Wildlife page. I’ll probably make a new one one day.

Well I don’t have much more to say, I’m pretty new at this. My interests include tennis, videogaming, writing, dancing… Uh… I’m fluent in French and English with some basic Spanish? I have good interpersonal and communication skills?

Anyway, this isn’t LinkedIn so I think I’m done talking.

I’ll catch you later!


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