RIBBIT ! The Start of a new Croak.

Hop into Wildlife and discover the wonders of evolution, interesting interactions between humans and the animal realm, the excitement of discovering amazing new creatures and much more through The Nosy Frog’s Wildlife page!
I hope you enjoy your trip!

(Psst! Check out the National Geographic website at http://www.nationalgeographic.com ! I really love what they do and so should you!)


Once in a lifetime experience

Hello my amphibian friends!

Long time no see! I just came back from a trip to Cambodia I’m not close to forget.
I lived the dream of venturing into the jungle and coming into contact with those marvellous creatures that are Elephants.IMG_1073

Thanks to the Reach Out Volunteers group, I got to experience Jungle immersion and take care of two of these beautiful beasts.


Elephants in Cambodia and in many other Asian countries are often used as tourist attractions. People ignorant of their condition pay a fortune to ride them on the same trail they’ve walked on for years. But that’s not even the worse part! Elephants are wild creatures, and traditional training techniques in those countries include sequestration, torture, violence…etc. Elephants are but a mere tool for many tourist hungry businesses in the area.

Thankfully, there are a few places, such as this sanctuary, where elephants are trained by establishing a strong friendship bond between man (also known as the mahout) and beast.

Our volunteer group did their part in feeding the elephants and  helping build a dam in order to create a pond to bathe the two!. I hope the people of the Sanctuary appreciated our efforts!


Camlin, 60 years old, was having great fun with us in dirty waters!

I hope for you guys that you’ll be able to live an experience like I did!
I won’t hide the fact that it was costly, but it was worth every bit of it!

Consider it!

Simply Shocking!

How’s it going people?

Do you have a phobia of certain creatures lurking in troubled waters? Do you fear the Gator of the swamps, the Great White of the Seas, or even the Piranhas of the Amazon? Well forget about all of those (okay not completely, they’re still pretty hardcore), because there’s another critter that can paralyze you, and not just with fear. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, admire the great Electric Eel as it knocks this swamp predator out!


Apparently, the fish sent “HUNDREDS of volts of energy” through the reptile’s body. If that predator survived that, I think he won’t be coming around anytime soon…

This incredible scene was caught on camera by an unidentified cameraman, but that didn’t stop the video from getting more than 170,000 views on Youtube! Read and see more about this here.


Saved by Love

Animal fanatics!

Do you want to know what the power of Love is? The power of Love is that thing that allows someone to stop at nothing for the one that’s in his/her heart.  It’s that butterfly feeling that puts you on a cloud and makes you feel light and free. It’s this ball you have in your stomach that won’t go away, but somehow you like having it there…It’s something beautiful that makes miracles, and even our froggy friends have experienced it!

Those critters have no idea what's going on behind them. They have better things to do...

Those critters have no idea what’s going on behind them. They have better things to do…

And guess what? The crocodile left them alone! The predator just sat there next to them. Nature is a strange thing isn’t it? The croc must’ve deduced that it wasn’t their time. Some sort of godly figure we have there! Read the article.



Wow. Be careful when having “quality time” with your partner, because just like this little critter, you could find it to be your last. This marsupial has just been discovered in Australia, and honestly, it doesn’t seem very strange on the outside.


Heck this cutie might as well just be a mouse!

But check this out, Sydney scientists  found out that the males of this species produces A LOT of hormones during mating season, and those eventually lead the animal to an unfortunate and passionate death. Take a look at the article here.

The most curious animal in the World…

Hey people!

I just read an article about a creature and I thought that it’d be cool to show you guys. About two years ago, I stumbled on one crazy type of animal while I was hopping from link to link on the net. One of my favourite websites, The Oatmeal, presented a very interesting comic about this sea creature called THE MANTIS-SHRIMP.

Haven't you heard? The mantis-shrimp color collection are in right now!

Haven’t you heard? The mantis-shrimp color collection are in right now!

Ok here are a few reasons in a nutshell why anyone could consider this animal as the most eccentric creature on planet Earth:

  • The Mantis-Shrimp (or Stomatopoda for cool people) has over 12 color receptors. That pretty much means that they see what no other living thing on Earth can perceive. Only that in itself is pretty cool if you ask me!
  • The Mantis Shrimp can move its claws faster than a 22mm handgun bullet. No wonder they call them “Thumb splitters” in Australia, they can literally break your fingers if you get too close, like this overly intelligent guy.
  • In fact, they move their claws so fast in water that they create something called “Cavitation Bubbles” . Those bubbles are literally the water getting heated up really fast around the claws, and those can then explode creating sparks of light and knocking out any prey around. This thing came out of a video-game I tell you.

Here’s a video that could give you a few funny facts about this amazing little critter: True Facts about the Mantis-Shrimp.

Liked it? If you want to learn more and have a good laugh as well, check out ZeFrank1’s channel on Youtube!


The story of the Bird who lived

Let me tell you a story. It’s a very uncommon story that simply proves that animals can be amazingly smart. This is the story of Charlie.
Charlie was my grandfather’s Myna Bird. What is a Myna Bird? Well here you go.


It doesn’t look that special of a bird to be honest…

Charlie was just a baby bird when my grandfather found him. All cold, sad and lonely, the baby bird would’ve died quickly if it weren’t for my grandfather.
Charlie became part of the family, he didn’t need to be locked in a cage for he followed my Grandpa wherever he went, stayed there on his shoulder. Charlie was a very fun bird to live with because he could mimic any sound possible. He could talk pretty well, having a vocabulary of about 250 words.
When a pretty lady would walk by, Charlie would whistle, and then be praised by my ladies-man grandfather!

My family lived with Charlie and a cat named Ophelia. Not the best combo. Ophelia would look at Charlie with hungry eyes all the time.

One day, Charlie flew out of his cage, and the cat seized the opportunity to catch him. Charlie was caught, in the mouth of the beast. Ophelia took him far from his masters to devour his meal. But something made him stop.

It was my Grandfather’s voice. Ophelia had no choice, he was terrified of what would happen if he were to be caught murdering Charlie. He let go of the bird and Charlie flew back to his cage. Only problem was, my Grandfather wasn’t in the house. The cat looked around, but he wasn’t to be found. The only thing he could hear, was Charlie, the smartest bird in the world, laughing his guts out.

Birds are very smart animals, so don’t you call someone you dislike a birdbrain (Try Koala Brain instead, they eat their own feces).

Spiders on the dance floor

The black widow spider, the kind that can kill you in a matter of minutes, is one real Casanova! The arachnid (and definitely NOT an insect FYI) shivers its abdomen in order to find its soul mate. It’s a message that reflects its attraction to another fellow spider. Honestly, if it was as simple in our world…
Learn how this critter shimmies and shakes in this Canadian study here!

Black widow spiders

The small male tries to seduce the large beautifully lethal female. What does he have to lose anyway?


Ay Chihuahua!

Seems like dogs really are a man’s best friend, no matter their age and size!  This little not-so-cute devilish looking Chihuahua Puppy just might’ve saved his owner’s life. The middle of the night, a stranger punches your father in the face, what do you do if you’re just a kid? You scream? Will that save him? Tough luck. That pup reacted just in time and plunged its tiny puppy adorable teeth into the arm of the intruder!
Get more details about this little hero right here!

How adorably scary is that thing! Better give his bone back...

How adorably scary is that thing! 



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